Wills and Probate

We offer legal advice on the making of Wills, the establishing of Enduring Powers of Attorney and the conduct of Probate.

We are able to advise in a professional and sympathetic manner on such matters as:-

  • Wills - to assist you to give effect to your wishes as to how you wish your assets to be distributed and to provide for your children and other dependants, appoint executors, nominate guardians and support charities.
    A Will is an extremely important legal document. Without one you have no say in how your estate will be divided on your death, and in extreme circumstances your property could even be forfeited to the state. Fortunately having a Will prevents such problems. We will discuss your requirements and draft a document on your behalf for your approval. Once you are happy with the draft Will, all that then remains is for you to sign the Will in front of witnesses, which we can arrange for you.
  • Will Reviews - reviewing your Will every few years is important. You may wish to distribute your assets differently to reflect a change in your personal or family circumstances, or the law may have changed.
  • Trusts - trusts and similar devices can be created to provide for the on-going needs of spouses, children, grandchildren and other dependent relatives.
  • Probate & Administration - applications for Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration, the realisation of assets, dealing with the Inland Revenue and other institutions, the sale and transfer of properties and the completion of estate accounts.
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney - sometimes incapacity, rather than death, may have serious consequences for you and your family and friends. Practical and financial difficulties can occur in trying to manage your affairs on your behalf. An Enduring Power of Attorney can be a great help.

Making appropriate provision can be beneficial both for yourself and your dependants. To discuss your requirements simply contact our probate partner Annabelle Vaughan.